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I’m an author for young people, a keen tennis player, a surfer, a husband and father of two.

To find out more about me and my books have a look around. To contact me use the form below.



  1. Sibille & Martin (Switzerland)

    Hi Pat!
    Love your website and especially the video! To think that you’ve played tennis at places like London, Paris, NYC and Wagga Wagga…. not even Roger Federer could beat that!!! Good on ya!
    Sibille & Martin (Switzerland)

  2. A girl (Abigail)

    HI! I honestly truly love your books Pat!!! :DDDD

  3. Just finished Out of His League, amazing!
    Loved all the way through! Thanks for writing such a great book!

  4. This was a great book, it was the only book I actually finished reading, not because my teacher assigned me to read it, but because I really found it interesting. I liked how I just wanted to keep on reading to find out what was going to happen next. I didn’t seem to like the book at the start because the start was not very interesting, but as I kept on reading it got really interesting that I just had to find the second book!

  5. ur the funnniest person ever

  6. I really liked the story my totally amazing story so funny and you are the most funniest person I have ever met

    • I’m not supposed to say my age in case trollers access my personal data and steal all my money. However, I don’t have that much money so I will tell you I’m somewhere between 44 and 46.
      This comment will be taken down within one year.

  7. Ever since you visited my school “St Andrews” in Brisbane Queensland I have read the “Danny” series and the don’t kiss girls series and I LOVE THEM!!

    I am now at the Gap State School and I still read them over and over again.

  8. Hey Pat,
    You came out to Currimundi ARC on Wednesday night for Jimboomba SS
    I thought you did an excellent job. You really inspired my to right books and you have given me some tips for writing books in class.

    Thanks Hannah

  9. Good Morning Pat, We have just finished reading “Beeware” and gave it a book review. We gave it 4 stars and thought it was awesome, fantastic and fabulous. Our favourite story was “A dog named Killer”, we liked it when Danny gave the Twisties to the dog and Katy thought he was going to lose his hand. We also enjoyed the part in the Mad Magpie when Tommy taps his head before he tries to get Danny’s bag. We laughed our heads off!
    We are coming to see you at the Writer’s Festival in a few weeks and we can’t wait to meet you.
    From 4B

  10. I love your books because they are so funny. I especially loved the Adventures of Danny 1,2 and 3 because he was very mischieves and determend. I really liked when they made up there own swear word (shoot) and once my sister said SHOOT! when she hurt her foot.
    It was so funny!!!!!!!! I really liked your workshop,I learnt alot of things to help with my writing! Thanks alot!

  11. I love your books and how you write the stories with a sense of humour. In My Totally Awesome Story, I thought Duane was very funny with all his spelling mistakes and the teacher getting mad at him and making him rewrite sentences. I showed the blurb to all my friends and now they want to read it. My favourites are My Totally Awesome Story, Don’t Kiss girls and Beeware. They are very funny.

  12. Hi Pat my cousin and I.lovevreading your books and we’ve finally collected everyone that is out.

  13. Hello my name is seojinho and 13 years old.
    Im living korea.
    I read your book(the tuckshop kid) very well.
    Firstly,I can response this all story.
    In addition, Matthew and my situration is almost same.
    And i want to contact you from email.
    My email is traindream@naver.com
    I will wait your respond

  14. Dear Pat Flynn,

    I loved your amazing book called The Tuckshop Kid it gave me a real life lesson! Now I don’t go to the canteen as much and I’m really fit now! How many books are in the series? Was your life like Matt’s? Was it hard trying to write that book or all the books? I’m really looking forward to the next book I’m reading but unfortunately it’s not The Toilet Kid it’s The Trophy Kid, and I read the blurb and I can’t wait to find out about Marcus Wright!

    Regards Marley

  15. HELLO Zhalya here,
    are you Matthew? Have you been having all the troubles when you were in school? I am so excited to read The Trophy Kid because the cover looks like a sporty book and I’m sporty! Your books make me place pictures in my mind.
    Thank You for Making your books!

    • Thanks for the nice comments about my books. I did have a few problems at school but also lots of fun times. I didn’t visit the tuckshop nearly as much at Matthew! Keep up the good reading.

  16. what advice do you give to young writers

  17. Hi, I think you might know me in a while because you’ll be at my school but I have one question… Did you ever know what you were going to be when you were a kid? And was it an Author?
    Anyway… See you soon

  18. Hey Man, when were you born, why did you start writing, and were do you live? I’m doing a research task, so I thought it’d be better to hear from the Pat Flynn himself! Thanks.

  19. hay pat whats your birth date?

  20. Plz plz plz continue tony Ross series

    • Hi Deven. Thanks for your question and nice words about the Tony Ross series. There were 3 books, Don’t Kiss Girls, Get Rich Quick and How to Get Dumped. The latest book, Don’t Kiss Girls and Other Silly Stories, has stories from all 3 books plus some new ones, and you get to find out what happens to Tony. Regarding your question, in Don’t Kiss Girls Tony and Lacey kissed during the story ‘Spin the Bottle and Kiss the Girl’ but it didn’t go so good!

  21. in the book Get rich quick Kane’s little sister Lacey says if things didn’t work out with him and Ashleigh that she would like to gives the kiss another try

    When did they kiss before that?

  22. Good books pat!keep it up

  23. Hi Pat Flynn i love your book called TO THE LIGHT i came to see you last year you signed 2 books don’t kiss girls and my great big adventure though there are some up downs like you never used any sentences or words to say that Jamie was a girl but lets lighten up the mood (that was a to the light pun) i love how you made the story come together and to just writing the book in genial your the reason i love writing you inspire me to be another person when i read your books i stay up past 12:30pm at night just going nothing at all but reading your amazing books


  24. hey pat how are you go’in. does Matt the tuckshop kid have asthma??in th future when you write books can you include more puns pls.

  25. I was trying to remember on of your books for years. Finally found/remembered it. It was get rich quick, literally funniest book I read as a child

    • Thanks for that! Some of the stories from Get Rich Quick went into the anthology called Don’t Kiss Girls and Other Silly Stories which my wife just read to my 11-year-old daughter. I think she was pleasantly surprised!

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