To the Light

One of my favourite books (that I’ve written).

The research was tough but someone had to do it!

  1. hi i am from Queen of peace altona meadows i like the twist at the end

  2. does story relate to you
    my favourite bit was when jamie got 3rd in the surfing comp
    i thought it was a boy

  3. I’d enjoyed the book. The book was pretty much about Jamie figuring about herself. I was really shocked to hear that Jamie was a girl! I learnt that not all rumours are true. “To The Light” was a great book you have written! Question: Is this story relative to your life and how?

  4. i loved that book

  5. My name is Tina and I’m from Queen of Peace parish primary school in Melbourne and I really liked this book. And it taught us to never give up, and to never believe rumours. And it was interesting how Jamie was actually a girl. And is there any chance you are Jamie’s father.

  6. Hi Patt, this is Kevin i really like this book because, i like you twisted it because i thought Jamie was a boy, but it was a girl. I learned a lot about surfing, like the green room and all thosw cool tricks i also learned that most rumors arent real.

  7. To pat
    My name is Katelyn and I go to Queen of peace. I really enjoyed reading
    your book. I learnt that rumors are not always true and that you should
    never go into things half hearted. I really enjoyed listening to Jamie
    talk about what it like in the green room [I’d like to get in there one
    day] and Jamie telling us about the mal rider [des turner].and I liked the
    twist that Jamie was really a girl. Do like surfing? Do you surf? I surf
    and I really enjoy it too.

  8. Dear Pat flynn i liked your book are you one of the charcters in the book ?

  9. Hi Pat, my name is Cecilia, and I’m from Queen of Peace, my class has read the “To The Light”, we love it! I really like your book “To the Light” because it was interesting. I liked the twisted of the end when Jamie was actually a girl. I thought it was a boy! I learned that ever believe rumours.

  10. To Pat ,
    I am from queen of peace in altona meadows and i have been reading your book with my class I really enjoyed your book To the light .I leaned that the green room is when the wave comes over you and also i learned that roomers are not always true and not too believe them. I liked the way you made the twist at the end that jamie was a girl .

  11. To Pat,
    im from queen of peace primary school

    this book is really funny i like the way how you make this book interesting. i learn’t that rumors aren’t always true and to always believe in yourself.

  12. Hey Pat I am from Queen of Peace and I really loved your book it was very exiting. I learned that you always have to believe in yourself. By any chance are you related to any of the characters in the story?Thankyou!
    From Stephanie

  13. Thanks to Queen of Peace students for all the great comments.
    I love to surf but I’m not one of the characters in the book.
    You guys are right, rumours aren’t always true.
    Keep being the person you want to be!

  14. hi my name is isabella i am 11 years old i have just finished reading the book it was amazing!!

  15. hi im brianna I have a couple questions for u what were your top 2 things you enjoyed in the book and what was your 3 things you didn’t enjoyed about the book

    • Hi Brianna
      I liked the water walking boots (p.76) and the twist in the story on page 91.
      I didn’t like Rory pushing Mark into the creek (p.32), Jamie getting cut by the board (p.5) and Jamie’s board getting broken on page 69.
      Hope that helps and hope you enjoy the book.

  16. and what pages were they on

  17. I love the big twist at the end were Jamie was actually a girl! This book made me learn to never give up and always try to get it right:) I love all your books Pat!!!!!!!

  18. Hi Pat Flynn,

    I really love your book ‘To The Light’
    May I ask what made you want to become an author?

    Kind Regards,

    Molly Crosby

    • Hi Molly
      Thanks for your nice words about To the Light. Glad you enjoyed it!
      I became an author because I find it challenging and fun to write stories. It’s also cool when the stories get turned into books and I get nice messages from people like you!

  19. Hi Pat,
    I really enjoyed reading your book: To The Light.
    My teacher made us do your question booklet for this book!
    I enjoyed reading and answering the questions and I really liked the twist at the end about how Jamie was a girl!
    At the start it seemed like Jamie was a boy!

  20. hi i love to the light and the twist at the end ,how did you keep Jamie gender a secret?
    from connor

  21. Hey Pat i Love your books and they inspire me to be a better reader and writer i hope you do new books and have lots of fun doing it i also love the drawings on the light did you do them and if not can you leave a name of the person who did your books make a change in peoples reading experiences.

    • Hi Jude. Thanks for the nice message and I will write some more books one day! I didn’t do the drawings in To the Light – they were done by a talented illustrator named Chantal Stewart. Happy reading!

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