Pat Flynn has had books published in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, China, Korea and other countries that are too small to mention. His books are loved by dozens of people and he’s won numerous awards in his own mind. His best known title is The Tuckshop Kid about a boy who loves food. It is semi-autobiographical.

Pat’s favourite sports are tennis and surfing. This is him winning a tournament a long, long time ago.

  1. hi
    this is Whitsunday students

  2. we are going to see you at the voices

  3. Whitsunday Voices was really fun! Thanks Pat.

  4. Vanessa Caldwell

    Love the Beenleigh Library workshop , can’t get the kids noses outta the books ……. Jade wants to know will you write us a couple of poems that we can do at SPeech and Drama next year…. she is already planning to enter the story and acting scene sections using your material Vanessa

  5. hi when where you born

  6. thanks and what is your favourite sport

  7. what adivce do you give to young writers and why

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