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My Totally Awesome Story

My next book is called My Totally Awesome Story and it will be out in September. I’m really excited about how it’s shaping up. It’s been given the three-times-over by UQP’s very talented new editor, Cathy Vallance, and Pete Carnavas has drawn over 50 hilarious illustrations. It’s in the form of a writing workbook that is completed (often reluctantly) by Duane – a footy playing, motorbike riding, 14-year-old. Through writing activities and journal entries, Duane details his run-ins with the deputy principal, his misadventures with his best mate Meatball, and his crush on Jackie. But enough from me. This is what  Duane Glade has to say about MTAS.

This book is totally awesome coz it’s got cool people in it like me. There are hot chicks like Jackie and tough guys like me and Meatball although Meatball just acts tough he’s really a wimp. In the book I write this wicked story about motorbikes and explosions and death which should get an A+++ but I bet Miss Wright wont give me an A+++ coz I dont suck up to her like Grace.  That’s my nerdy writing partner who loves her horse Starlight so much I think she’s gonna marry it. If you read My Totally Awesome Story you’ll probably wet your pants from laughing so hard coz I’m so funny I should be on TV. THE END

Actually, Duane does make it onto TV for ghosting a VIP named Julia. You can read all about it, but not yet. You’ll have to wait until September.