Alex Jackson Series

Pat’s first book is still one of his most popular. Alex starts high school, gets into a fight, skates hard and falls hard for the mysterious Becky.

Alex joins a skating gang called SWA. They lead him into dangerous situations.


 Alex’s final adventure sees him skating with the Xen team and figuring out what it takes to be a man.

  1. Hi Pat, love the books, Im normally a quick reader but i found that i chose to read your books a lot more slowly and took my time. So i really enjoy the books!

    • Thanks a lot, Nikita.
      Interesting that you like to read the books slowly. You probably pick up a lot more of the detail that way.
      A bit like you, I find that when I like a book I take my time with the last chapter as I don’t want it to end.
      🙂 Pat.

  2. so do i pattpatpat

  3. i could read a thousand of your books xxxxxxxxooooo

  4. Have you ever thought of selling the movie rights, i would love to see this as a film!

  5. Hi Pat,

    My name is Darrien and I’m from the Tairua, Coromandel in New Zealand. I love skateboarding and I really enjoyed your Alex Jackson series. I read all of them over the summer holidays. I really enjoyed all of them but I think my pick of the bunch would have to be closing out. I would like to know when your next one is coming out?

    Thank you

    • Hi Darrien and thanks a lot for the post. Glad you liked Alex Jackson – Closing Out is my favourite as well. At some stage there’ll be an AJ anthology with the three books together plus new material. Unfortunately it won’t be for a little while. You may want to check out The Line Formation (also called Out of His League) as it’s kind of similar. Sk8 hard!

  6. Hi Pat,

    I I just found thus website and thought I’d thank you for the fun I’ve had reading the Alex Jackson books! I read all three in less than an hour each as I wanted to know what happened next. It’s great to see that we have good local writing talent in Queensland. Please, please, please write a fourth book! I really want to know what happens with Alex

    • Thanks so much Josh and I’m really glad you enjoyed reading about Alex Jackson!
      Another book in the series is a good idea – perhaps one when he’s in Year 11 and 12? I’ll start thinking about it…
      In the meantime you may like to try The Line Formation.

  7. Hi pat. we are currently reading your book at our school, we love it so much, we cannot wait till we read the 2nd 🙂

  8. Hey Pat i really like your book but at the moment im doing a Oral on your book for English i have really related to this book as i skate as well and live in the QLD region im keen for the film or even just another Alex Jackson book

    • Hi Kye
      Thanks for the comment. Alex may make it to the screen one day – we just need to find some great skaters who can act! Have you read all 3 Alex Jackson books? I’ll put some thought into giving Alex some more tricks and slams in another story.

  9. Hi Pat – how many books are there in the Alex Jackson series? Thanks

    • Hi Lynne. Thanks for the question! There are 3 books in the series – Grommet, SWA and Closing Out. However, I did write a prequel called Dropping In which I don’t really consider to be a part of the original series as it’s for a different age group. One day I may do a bind up of the 3 and add some new material…

  10. Tyrel Zerafa

    Hi Pat I am doing an assessment on AJ grommet for English. i dont really enjoy books but AJ is a really good book.

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