Pat’s Books

I’ve had 17 books published for 7-17 year-olds about topics such as skateboarding, surfing, tennis and first love.

To buy a signed copy of a book email me at and I’ll tell you how.

  1. I love your books about Him and the girls he falls in love with…

  2. They are really good, write more

  3. Thanks Belle and Kenny. Really appreciate it.
    With support from people like you I will definitely write more books!


    as a skater i love you alex jackson books

  5. i ❤ ur books my fav is the 'tuck shop kid'

  6. even though i live country your books are awsome

  7. felicity anderson

    hi iam felicity i love all ur books thnx i really enjoy the book ‘the tuckshop kid’

  8. hi my name is jewel and i love all your books but my fav book is tuckshop boy it is very funny

  9. JoshuaFerguson

    hi my names Josh i was just wondering how many boocks you have wrote

  10. JoshuaFerguson

    hi Joshua Ferguson again just telling you that I realy enjoyed the book tuck shop kid

  11. Hi Replyer here I really liked the tuckshop kid and how you continued the toilet kid but i found the toilet kid really sad for some reason, can u tell me if u have contiued the toilet kid book because i really wanna find out if Mat and Kayla get back together… 😥 😀

  12. Hey Pat,
    I have read the whole Kid series and I LOVED THEM!!!!
    Thank you for writing great books like them. You are a talented author!

  13. I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN !!! :0

  14. i love the tuckshop kid

  15. ilove the tuckshop kid

  16. Hi Jema
    Glad you asked! My new book is called Don’t Kiss Girls and Other Silly Stories. It’s got the best stories from the ‘Don’t’ books plus a lot more. Hope you like it!

  17. I really liked your book Don’t Kiss Girls and Other Silly Stories! I wish it continued! Can’t wait to read your other books! Jade!😊

  18. I love your books pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and you came to my school today remember?

  19. and I love…1….. my awesome story! yay 🙂 XD -_-
    plz answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I think it would be too hard to choose a favourite book…😃 I like them all too much…

  21. I LOVE your books! especially The Tuckshop Kid…. there all just so fun to read!

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