How many books have you written?   19.

Where do you get your ideas from?  Real life and the movie screen in my head called Imagination. I also use a few author tricks like taking something important away from the main character and having them try and get it back.

Are any books based on your life? They all are to some extent. The most autobiographical are the Danny books – each story is based on something real that happened to me.

Where did you get the idea for The Tuckshop Kid? I was travelling around New Zealand and I won a  chocolate milk in a competition. After saying, ‘How cool is that!’ I thought, ‘Imagine if winning a drink changed somone’s life.’ After more thinking about who would love to win free drinks I came up with Matthew. It was easy to write about a character who loved food!

Do you have a new book coming up? Yes. My latest books are My Totally Awesome Story and Don’t Kiss Girls and other Silly Stories. Stay tuned for my next book.

  1. Hi Pat,
    Our class has been working on an author study about you because we love your books so much! We are unable to find the year that you were born. Are you able to help us out please?

  2. I was at the Meanjin writer’s camp in 2011 when you had started writing My Totally Awesome Story. I am reading it right now and it is very funny.

  3. 5 Yellow Student

    Would you ever want to make any of the kid stories a movie?

  4. 5 Yellow Student

    I would choose the tuckshop kid


  6. Leanne HIggins

    Is to the light on audiobooks

  7. What is your birthday

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