Teachers Notes

The following link to comprehensive Teachers Notes for some of my books. Any questions feel free to leave a comment or fill out the contact form on my homepage and I’ll get back to you.

My Totally Awesome Story Teachers Notes

Alex Jackson Grommet Teachers Notes

Alex Jackson SWA Teachers Notes

Alex Jackson Closing Out Teachers Notes

The Line Formation Teachers Notes

Beeware Teachers Notes

Treeified Teachers Notes

Snowidea Teachers Notes

The Tuckshop Kid Teachers Notes

The Toilet Kid Teachers Notes

The Trophy Kid Teachers’ Notes

To the Light Teachers Notes

  1. Great resources here Pat!

    I stumbled across your work by accident as my good friend Josh is performing in The Tuckshop Kid soon.

    I’m a preservice teacher, currently working on lesson plans for english. I am considering your The Tuckshop Kid narrative for a grade 10 assignment on body image and dieting.

    Do you think that this book is suitable for grade 10?



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