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Reviews of Don’t Kiss Girls and Other Awesome Stories

Don't Kiss Girls BannerThe new book is getting some nice reviews. Which are waaay better than nasty reviews.

‘Tony Ross is dead! Fortunately he had the good sense to record stories about his life before he died and an angel called Angel passed the voice recorder on to the random stranger he met on the bus one day. Thus we are introduced to the hilarious stories of the life of thirteen year old Tony.’ (Readplus)

‘The book is a blast with a definite appeal for boys.’ (Magpies)

‘Pat Flynn has the wonderful knack of taking us into the schoolyard and delving into the teenage angst of relationships and the pain of growing up, yet doing it with a great sense of fun. Tony Ross is a hapless young man and a bit of a loser. But how he makes us laugh!’ (Goodreads, 4 stars)