The Kid Books

Pat’s most popular book. Everyone likes Fat Matt. Except himself.

Kayla has problems of her own and Matt does his best to help. 


Matthew’s mate Marcus is a tennis champ. But he’s hiding a secret. He needs help from The Tuckshop Kid.

  1. hi i love the toilet kid it is the best

  2. I like them too. Are u writing anymore of the kids books?

  3. hey pat can you make matt and kayla go out again and make tash die please in the toilet kid

  4. I’ve only read one (The Tuckshop Kid) but I already love the series, Rachael

  5. they are the best u finish the book laughing so funny

  6. I love the book The Toilet Kid!!!

  7. i cant wait for you to come to my school chinchilla state school

  8. Are you writing anymore books in this series because they are funny and AWESOME!!! 🙂

  9. Hi Pat, I can’t wait for you to come to our school. (Chinchilla State School)

  10. i love the toilet kid itsn so fun lolololololoolololololoololoolololol

  11. Are you going to write another book in this series because they are really funny and AWESOME!!!

  12. These books are great, I know someone with a similar problem as someone in the toilet kid, and it’s good to read about it

  13. hi pat,
    I love your books.
    in class we have read a lot of your books.
    you are my favourite author
    from 5 yellow student
    Emily 🙂

    • Hi Emily
      Thanks you so much. I love writing books and what makes it even better is when people like you enjoy reading them.
      I feel honoured that from all of the authors in the world you’ve chosen me as your favourite! I’ll try my best to write some more books you enjoy reading.
      Best Wishes

  14. thank you so much
    from Emily 🙂

  15. i like the tuckshop kid

  16. i think the tuckshop kid is the best

  17. Where do you get your ideas for your books, they’re so cool

  18. hi I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ your books

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