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The Tuckshop Kid Play

The Tuckshop Kid is being performed at Studio 188 at Ipswich on September 13 and 14. Click the link for details.

The cast and director are very talented so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

The Tuckshop Kid - The Play

The Tuckshop Kid – The Play

Whitsunday Voices Festival

whitsunday voices authors2

The WV crew (minus 5000 students and 100 volunteers.) Can anyone (who wasn’t there) name everyone in the photo?

It was a pleasure to be a part of the 10th anniversary of this festival. Lovely organisers, big crowds, super keen kids – what’s not to like? Five hundred locals (and a dozen thirsty authors) showed up to the literary dinner on Friday night to laugh and cry during William McInnes’ memorable speech on the power of writing and stories. Marco Gliori did an admirable job warming up the crowd with his bush poetry.

Speaking of stories, My Totally Awesome Story sold out on day one. More were ordered overnight but Australia Post (allegedly) lost half of them. The ones that did arrive were gone by 9.30 which proves they love their books in Mackay. I optimistically brought 50 copies of my recently reprinted Don’t Kiss Girls with me and they sold out too, which means I’ve gotten rid of one whole box. Only 12 boxes (clogging up my study) to go.

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