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Our One Direction Moment

Pat at VOC - Copy2

At Voices on the Coast with Peter Carnavas. Our three presentations sold out as did copies of My Totally Awesome Story.

Of course, it’s all because of me – the author. Illustrators just use our words and somehow get most of the credit. I’m thinking of illustrating the next book myself. I just have to learn how to draw…

My Totally Awesome View

riparian plazaLast week Pete Carnavas and I were given a secret password and a dangerous carpark (a boom gate crashed on my boot) so we could catch an elevator to the 29th floor of the Riparian Plaza. Why? So we could speak to a cool group of Murarrie students who are sponsored by Clayton Utz lawyers. Students are buddied up with a lawyer and they write letters to each other about homework, sports day, and making money. In a kind gesture, Clayton Utz invited the 30 students to their plush office for lunch and to meet Pete and me. They also bought each student a copy of My Totally Awesome Story. (And you thought all big law firms are heartless. Shame on you!)

Despite the awesome view of the Storey Bridge. students listened to our stories for long enough to let me know that illustrators are much more talented than writers.

Those letters have obviously messed up their logic.


Spot the Teacher

The good thing about being a teacher is that you can ‘willingly persuade’ students to read your book … as long as a photo shoot is involved!

Thanks to Johnny, Sam, Sally, Mia and Jayden for being such good models. Check out the article here

On The News So It Must Be True

My Totally Awesome Story by Pat Flynn and Peter Carnavas

To watch the book trailer click here

To watch Pat Flynn read a scene while Peter Carnavas illustrates click here

To download teachers’ notes which include lots of writing activities for students  click here

To watch Peter Carnavas draw Duane, the main character, click here

The book even has its own song. To listen and download click here

To find the best price with free postage, click on the cover.

For signed copies, email Pat. (author at

Reading from My Totally Awesome Story

My Totally Awesome Story Book Trailer

My Totally Awesome Story – The Song

Not many books have their own theme song. Thanks to Heath and Liz, mine does.


My Totally Awesome Story song

Free Writing Activities for Students!

Here is every successful writing activity I’ve used in hundreds of school workshops. All for you. All for free.

My Totally Awesome Story Teachers Notes

Just to be polite, you might want to buy the book.

The Illustrator

Illustrator Peter Carnavas drawing the main character, Duane, from our latest book, My Totally Awesome Story.

I used Free Music in this vid from: