My Totally Awesome View

riparian plazaLast week Pete Carnavas and I were given a secret password and a dangerous carpark (a boom gate crashed on my boot) so we could catch an elevator to the 29th floor of the Riparian Plaza. Why? So we could speak to a cool group of Murarrie students who are sponsored by Clayton Utz lawyers. Students are buddied up with a lawyer and they write letters to each other about homework, sports day, and making money. In a kind gesture, Clayton Utz invited the 30 students to their plush office for lunch and to meet Pete and me. They also bought each student a copy of My Totally Awesome Story. (And you thought all big law firms are heartless. Shame on you!)

Despite the awesome view of the Storey Bridge. students listened to our stories for long enough to let me know that illustrators are much more talented than writers.

Those letters have obviously messed up their logic.


About patflynnwriter

I'm a former pro tennis player and teacher who now writes for children and young adults.

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  1. This is great 😀 I wish I saw the website earlier! You need to tour the US.

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